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These dogs have been fortunate enough to wiggle their way into the hearts of their owners. Below are some pictures and stories.

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Meet our Poster Pup, Leddy

Lonely Dogs - Leddy

True Story:

Leddy was bred for her previous owner to make money selling her pups.  She was locked in a horse trailer before the pups were born and let out twice a day to go to the bathroom.  When puppies were born she stressed out and killed two before she got stopped then she was put in a crate, after which she was allowed out to feed the pups and go outside.  With this her attitude became worse til she took up biting and after the pups were weaned she was spayed and once again allowed out of the crate twice a day again because of her now dangerous disposition.  This went on for over nine months before she was discovered, and then it took me over a month to convince the previous scared to death of her owners to let me have her. 

The day I went to pick her up last September, I had to pin her to the floor for almost 10 minutes when I opened that crate, she was going to bite me and anyone else around, and that was our only confrontation and she has never seen a crate since.  The first few months of socializing her was a little scary at times, but now she is a wonderful dog that can be around anybody.

She is learning to work for stock dog trials and doing excellent, and is my constant companion...

Cyndi Vigil

July 1, 2013
Meet Sergeant Cuvo. He is about 8 years old and is a wounded warrior. He is military service trained in search & rescue, blind service, and detection of guns, drugs, and bombs. He lost his right eye to an attack and has some damage to his right ear and head. He seemed nice and wanted a good home. Luckily, due to the fast-spreading news of his availability, the kind Sergeant was adopted!

From Dawn in Missouri:

A couple of years ago, our family went to dinner with our parents and some friends. Our son noticed a dog outside of the restaurant while we were eating. The owners told us the dog had been a stray around there for a few months. Our son, Ben, ate quickly and went out to see the dog. We had just bought a house with five acres and had lost our last dog about a year before so we decided to take her home with us. We weren't in our car so our parents brought her home for us in their Cadillac!

Ben slept outside that night on the porch with the dog so she could get adjusted to her new home.

She has been free and happy ever since. She had a bad habit of getting in the trash but after being fed well by us, she has stopped doing that. She LOVES the kids in my daycare and lets them do anything with her! She loves all the attention! She protects our land from all kinds of creatures, she runs really fast and loves to jump in the ponds near our home.

Her name is Lucy (named after the Beatles song) and she is about three years old now. We took her in when she was about 9 months old and we love her!

from Julie Crews 2/11/09
Miss Mia...
What a blessing she has been to me...  Mendy rescued her from a farm sale in SE Oklahoma during 100+ degree days.  By the grace of some Very wonderful BHW buddies (Cindy Hamilton and okiegal2008) they got her to me.

She had bad teeth a bad uterus and a bad bladder infection.  But she stole my heart....  She had to stay at the house for a couple of months while getting well, but she is officially a barn dog...
SHE LOVES the barn...
She instantly called it home and to see her waddling along makes me smile everyday... WHen I go to the barn here she comes... wagging and waddling  She really doesn't run lol she just trotts/waddles everywhere she goes... ALWAYS wagging her tail...
Her one ear has kinda got a droppy deal to it from her ear infection, but it makes me laugh at her    

What a wonderful blessing she has become to our lives.   I love watching her and Boo play and Tank watching on like the big ole pimp daddy  He is DOING so much better since Mia went to the barn as now he just gets to lay around and Mia plays with Boo instead of him... You can see him smile as well   Now Boo she isn't too sure she still wants to share Mom lol but she does love Mia when Mom isn't around.

From Tammie Curtis

Adopted dogRescued dog

In November, a dog and a cat showed up. I am sure they were dumped. The really cool thing is that they seemed to be bonded to each other. Reminded me a lot of that movie, Milo and Otis, I think it is. I have never seen anything like it in real life! Taco (the dog) is a chihuahua mix and we called the cat Peanut.

Taco and Peanut stayed together, always. Peanut would run out into the woods if we approached him, except my husband who picked him up one time. They lived under the horse trailer for a few days. They ate together, slept together and everything. Taco was so timid, but my daughter set about winning him over, and of course she did. He's come up to the house to be loved on, but every few minutes he'd look for his cat. Every 10 minutes or so he'd run over to the trailer and check on Peanut.

Friday or Saturday they went missing. I just figured they went home where they came from, but Monday afternoon Taco was back, but no Peanut. We enticed Taco in the house. Sure was scared to death to come in, but once we got him in we could hardly get him to go back out! LOL, I guess he finally realized we weren't going to throw him out and he finally seems to feel comfortable going in and out with the other dogs. He has adopted me for some reason, and follows me all over the place. Guess where he sleeps????? Of course, in my bed with the other 4 little dogs!!! Rocky, my main man (min pin) is not too thrilled.

Anyway, I just thought is was so neat the way Taco and Peanut traveled together and how Taco protected Peanut from our other dogs.

Taco has made himself at home here and I can't imagine for the life of me why anyone would not love him as sweet as he is!

Submitted 2/13/09 
Adopted puppiesOne cold and rainy December morning
, on my way back from town as I crossed over our creek bridge; there in the middle of the road were 3 tiny puppies. I quickly jumped out and picked these little guys up and took them into the house. The poor little puppies were cold, flea bitten, skinny and hungry. I got them all dried and some warm food in their bellies and put them in a crate to sleep.  I called my husband and told him what I had found, just couldn't believe somebody would do that to such young puppies. Well I was worried as I had to go check to see if I had missed any puppies that were hiding.

Well I found the momma dog and two more puppies hidden in the woods but one was already deceased. It broke my heart as that told me they had been out in the cold, rainy weather but had no idea how long. As I came out of the woods a truck stopped to ask basically see what I was doing, when I told him I was looking for these puppies that someone had dumped, he offered his services to pay for the vet to look at them, as the one puppy I had in my arms was so tiny she would barely fit in my hand, in which I then named her Tiny Tina.  Momma dog was so timid and half starved but I had to tend to these puppies first. So I went home and got the other three puppies and took them to the vet. 

Two of the four were doing fine as these two where of the biggest of the four pups. The two smaller puppies were so weak and not sure they would even make it because of being exposed to the weather too long but we were going to try and see how they did. So the vet gave them some fluids and some wormer medicine for all. I took them home and fed them, wormed them and put them in their crate for the night. That night I was awakened to it raining so hard and I could only think of on thing "Oh I hope I got all the puppies."

That next morning I went to feed mamma dog and when I got up there to where I found the other three puppies my heart just sank as I heard the cries of more puppies!! I ran around trying to find them and I found two more puppies, crying as they were soaking and wet and shaking from the cold. I then saw another small puppy so still lying on its side not moving at all. I just wanted to cry! I was so mad at myself and felt so bad that I did not find this puppy yesterday! I reached down to pick the puppy up at least I could give it a proper burial and she moved! I grabbed her up and the other two puppies and ran to the house, grabbed the hair dryer and started to rub them dry! They started to come around and they quit shaking, gave them a little food and they too went to sleep all warm and a full belly.

So after getting them all settled in my gut was telling me I needed to go look for more! So off on my 4- wheeler once again to look and I was not leaving until I looked everywhere, didn't want any more puppy popsicles. Well I get up there and I found momma dog so timid and scared to death and eaten all that I brought her the first time. I kneeled down and momma dog crawled to me on her belly, poor thing she was so boney.Then out of the corner of my eye I see something move… More puppies!!! I found three more puppies, under a blown over tree, that now makes my total to 11 puppies!!!

As far as I could tell these puppies were around 4 weeks of age, now I will tell you a few did not make it as well as my Tiny Tina. They gave a good fight but the weather took the toll on their little bodies. Out of the 11 only 5 survived, but at least they died warm and with food in their bellies. I found homes for 2 of them in which my parents took the biggest of the bunch which is happily named Brutus, and another one was adopted here locally.

Now this brings me to my story of Popeye...

Rescued puppies

As I sit and look at the 3 little puppies I have left, I named them Tippy Toes as he was black with white tips on all of his toes, Rottie Girl as she looked like a Rottweiller and there is Popeye. His name is special because he has one eye that I thought he would be blind in, as it was clouded over and he always would squint it, just like the cartoon Popeye did.

Well here I am thinking what I am going to do with these puppies. I couldn't keep them all. I did not want to take them to the pound because of Popeye. He stole my heart and he deserved better. Plus I new if I took him to the pound that he would never have a chance at a loving home and I could not bare to do that to any of them as they had a bad start in life as it was and I got so attached to them! So I was a regular visitor on a website called Barrel Horse World, where I posted my plea for someone to take my precious Popeye and his 2 siblings to a good home.

Well I was amazed at the responses and the help that I received that will never be forgotten!! A fellow Board Buddy as we call them said if I could get Popeye to Ohio that she would give him a forever home. Well I was so excited!! I found Popeye a home and they weren't too concerned that he had a bad eye, that they would love him anyway! Whoo hoo!! Now how do I get him to Ohio, because that was a long way away from Jasper, Texas.

Well because of BHW and all the great people on that website a puppy train was created!

A BB(RCuellar) was on her way to Houston and back to Colorado, well I meet her in Conroe, Texas with the 3 puppies as 2 other BB’s were willing to give the other puppies a home also. So now they are headed northbound. To meet in Oklahoma City where another BB (Okiegal2008) and her wonderful little boy, who was a great puppy sitter, will pick up 2 puppies Tippy Toes and my Popeye as they were now headed east and Rottie Girl was headed to Kansas to be with her new Mommy (Cowgirl4391). BB Okiegal2008 from Oklahoma was now headed east to meet BB (Whinney) where she would meet up with BB (Rodeogrl408) and new mommy to Tippy Toes, where she then takes Popeye to the last of his journey to his new Mommy BB (Wolfden92).

I can't thank enough all the BB's on BHW that helped in the puppy train, because with out them I would have never got my puppies to their forever loving homes that these puppies deserved! Thank you, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. A special Thanks goes out to SG as she really helped organize the puppy train!

Thanks to all! Popeye to this day is still very much loved and Wolfden 92 keeps me well in pictures of my precious Popeye and his eye is clear and has no problems today. Thank you Wolfden for having a heart of gold and taking Popeye into your home and hearts!!

Thanks again

Quila found a new home courtesy of our BarrelHorseWorld.com forum


"Here's a pic of my adopted dog, Gracie (border collie/heeler mix).  I adopted her from the Humane Society of Northeast Texas in Longview.  I will always adopt and never put a penny into breeder's hands.  There are too many dogs & cats in shelters that need loving homes." - Stacie

"This is Stetson. I got him from a Texas BB who's in vet school and couldn't keep him. He's now 2 1/2 and I got him when he was 5 months old. He is the best dog and my 11 month old daughter's best friend." - Jordan





"I didn't rescue my dogs off BHW, but they are all rescued, and I foster for a rescue also. Bouffie the shepherd mix I got from a rescue, Max the white pit mix was dumped, Roxy is the pointer mix and also my foster dog, and Izzy the aussie mix? was dumped on the side of the road." - Micaela

"I rescued this jack russell terrier from the vet before she was to be put to sleep. She is the funniest dog and our family just loves her to pieces." - Lori

R.I.P. my little friend.  Muttly came to live with us when two teenage boys were driving through Sonic and opened the door and just threw him out.  They better be glad I couldn't catch them.  Muttly was with us for 2 years before he died.  He would jump the fences when we were not home so I resorted to chaining him while we were gone.  We decided to get him the overhead cable so he would have more room to run and play while he was chained.  Well he always found a way to jump the fence with the cable. We moved the stopper, tried a harness, everything- he was Houdini.  So we went back to the chain, I don't know what happened.  I came home and found him gone...




Another one that just showed up.  I don't have any good pictures
of him because he disappeared.  :-(  When I first found him I thought he had mange, but when I took him to the vet he told me they were BURNS.  How can anyone do that to an animal.  We got him all cleared up and looking great, had him for about 8 months, I think someone stole him.  I just hope they are trying to make him fight since he is a pit bull.  I miss him, he was also no trouble and a really good dog.


She's not a rescue, she was actually planned on!  But she's
cute and I wanted to share and I'm in the picture too!  Just got her in





She was sitting on the road at the corner one morning.  I didn't think much of it at first because she had a collar on.  I came home that day around 5pm and she was still sitting there.  I stopped to talk to her and noticed she was very thin, took about half a second to convince her
to get in the car.  Not sure why anyone would dump her either, no bad habits except for chasing cars.  She wasn't to crazy about having to chase them from inside the fence but oh well!  She no longer chases cars because she has gone blind.  We don't know why, no visible trauma, eyes in tact, etc. Vet said it could be glaucoma.  She's adjusting ok but still running into
things.  I've been working with her on cues, right here means walk towards my voice.  Stop means you're fixing to hit something, step up means there is something in front of her to step over.  She's doing very well but still seems confused as to what is going on.  I've had her since April and she can stay as long as she wants.


I bought him from a horrible person selling dogs at a flea market, I wanted to take all the dogs they had, about 50.  No one was looking at Burner so he came with me.  Great dog!  Been with me for 3 years.




Brown Dawg


I took this one in from a co-worker that kept him tied in a garage all day because he was digging holes in the back yard.  If I didn't take him he was going to the pound.  Been with us for 7 years now. He's a good dog, no problem with digging at my house.  He loves cats too!


She just showed up one day as well, made herself at home right away.  I tried for awhile to find her a new home, about a week.  She's been with me for 8 years now.  She's appears to be a chow/ corgi????  But what a great dog, no trouble at all and I can't imagine why anyone would dump her.






She showed up one day out of no where, probably dumped as well.
It was love at first sight so she stayed.  I didn't have her but about 10 months when she got out and was chasing cars.  One got her, I was devastated, it took 2 people to pry her body from my arms.  I still think about her every day.


He was found wandering the road, probably dumped.  He came
home with us and we found him another home that just kept him tied to a fence 24 hours.  So he came back to live with us and is now a happy dog. Been with us for almost 5 years now.



Baby Girl w/her puppies

I found Baby Girl outside a restaurant, she was very cold and hungry.  I wasn't sure if she belonged to anyone so I wrapped her in my jacket and went inside.  I asked all the staff and customers if she belonged to them, no one claimed her.  I sat outside for 30 minutes asking everyone that came out if she was their dog.  No takers so she went home with me.  6 weeks later we had 5 puppies, I was lucky to find them all good homes.  2 years now and she won't be going anywhere!



"This is Jade.  I acquired her from another BB's  parents.  I really consider it more of a rescue.  Here is her story:

 Jade -  4 yr. old female/fixed rottie

BB's parents were moving and couldn't take her, if a home couldn't be found, she was going to the pound.  I gave in, and offered to come get her.   Nobody ever mentioned she had a hurt eye.   I get there, she was so sweet, then I saw her eye.   I asked what happened and was told that she was hit in the eye with a stick by another dog several months ago.   Vet says she will be ok. BS on that.

I took her to my vet the next day (Friday Aug. 29th).   My vet said if it happened several months ago, she would already be blind in that eye from the irritation.   She had eye surgery on Sept. 10th and is good as new.  She can see, and is no longer in any pain.   Her eyelid had turned inside out and was rubbing her eye raw!!!

That is why I consider Jade more of a rescue than just re-homing.   They never once said anything about her eye, and acted like it was no big deal.  

She is the sweetest dog, loves to love on everyone and be loved back.   She follows me everywhere, loves to ride in the back of the horse trailer to the races and is somewhat protective of me and the boys. 

The pictures are of her after surgery." - Kelly

"Here was the ad for Zoey:  Zoey is about 4 or 5 months old.  I believe she is a Belgian Malinaw (rescued her from the shelter after my dog had been missing).  Well after 6 weeks, my old aussie is home and she is not at all happy to see Zoey in "her" territory.  Zoey now spends her time in her crate or outside when Jersy is inside.  Zoey is completely house broken, crate trained, knows basic commands...sit, come, down.  Doesn't bark much, is used to being crated when we are not home and at night.  Leash trained and LOVES the kids.  (mine are 4 yr and 10 months)  She lets the baby pull on her ears and the boy has been known to try to "ride" her when I am not looking.

We got zoey from BarrelHorseWorld, love her to pieces, very smart and loyal. goes nearly everywhere with us and yes, we're very proud to own her. my son, who is 9 considers her his best friend." - Kelly